Please join TeamSnap for all the latest information on SRVMTB:

Club Communication
Most club communication is via email.  TeamSnap is used to manage communication, practices, races and other events for the club. All club members, riders, coaches, ride leaders, and parents can easily send emails to other club members about events or announcements using the TeamSnap email addresses. You must be registered with TeamSnap, i.e., on our roster somewhere for anyone to receive your emails sent to the TeamSnap addresses. You can send emails from your email client using the email addresses below or use the TeamSnap website to send emails. (goes to everyone in the club including riders, parents, and coaches) (goes to everyone marked as a player or rider) (goes to everyone marked as a nonplayer, i.e., coaches and ride leaders and volunteers) (goes to all players who have manager/owner access, i.e., coaches and ride leaders) (goes to everyone who has set their gender to Male) (same as above) (same as above) (goes to everyone who has set their gender to Female) (same as above) (same as above)

The club also uses text messages for last minute alerts.  To receive these alerts, you must enter your mobile phone number and service provider into your roster entry in TeamSnap.