We Need You!

Our club's success depends on a community of volunteers pooling their time and talents. Coaches focus on working with students to develop positive experiences on the bike, improving fitness, and gaining grit. Parents help with off the bike activities, from picnics and spirit wear to sponsor development.


Parent Board

The Parent Board coordinates our efforts on the principle of "many hands make light work." For each position we typically have an experienced volunteer leading, with a newer parent helping out and learning the ropes. 



Beyond the cost of a worthy bike, plan to spend about $600 to $1200 per year on equipment, clothing, maintenance, and fees. ​


Choosing a Bike

Your athlete will put a lot of miles on their bike. They need a bike reliable enough that you aren't driving to the bike shop after every practice. It needs to be light enough to experience flow and sturdy enough to suck up rough terrain and withstand the odd, uh, tipover. It should be affordable enough for you to share in the excitement! Here are a few tips as you push through the sticker shock.



Mountain biking involves inherent risk, as do all sports. Rider safety is our coach's primary focus. If you are new to mountain biking, forget what you have seen on TV! In cross-country bike races, speeds average six to 12 mph. This is game of fitness and skill, not high-speed stunts. The NorCal League collects data on injuries from every team throughout each season. Typically, across the League (500+ athletes), there will be one or two broken bones, some sprains and concussions, a few cuts and bruises, lots of nicks and scrapes. 


Guest Riders

We invite you to join our training rides as an adult guest rider. If you are an experienced mountain biker and would like to mentor in a specific area, let the coaches know. You do not have to be a high-level racer; you learn as you go, and it’s a lot of fun! If you want to keep riding with the club, we will ask you to register with the league and get you started on a coach certification program.


How To Become A Coach

SRV MTB coaches enjoy a camaraderie centered on our mission of youth development through mountain biking. We work and play together year-round, for example through our (sorta) famous Wednesday Evening Bike Rides (WEBR).

Coaches are licensed by NICA and the NorCal league. Coaches go through several levels of training including coaching techniques and philosophy, how to teach riding skills and first aid on the trail.